Future Fitness Tracks Progress, Suggests Exercises and Keeps You Engaged: Gymtrack

We’;re all keen on providing a healthy environment for ourselves in the privacy of our home, but once at a gym, the power is somehow stripped from you. Adding a personal insight into your every workout, Gymtrack keeps track of members workouts by using a “smart pin” that…


Innovative Contemporary Kitchen With Serene Style!

When we talk of kitchen designs and inspirations, then it is Italian kitchen compositions that often come to the fore. But today, we move to a different European nation and take a look at a gorgeous contemporary kitchen that exudes a relaxing, tranquil vibe. Leicht is one of the leading…


New Colossal Mixed-Use Performance Space in The Netherlands: Theatre Spijkenisse [Video]

The close collaboration between UNStudio architects and Arup led to the development of the New Theatre Spijkenisse, a contemporary building design in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. The mixed-use performance space is defined as “a remarkable building with an inviting and open…


The Quotable Zaha Hadid: Zaha Says She’s Making ‘Cultural Institutions for the People’

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, by Amy Schellenbaum

Renderings via ArchDaily
In a recent article for the Guardian, starchitect Zaha Hadid has this to say about her plans for a human rights institute in Cambodia:
“I think architects can sometimes influence the situation for the better [...]…